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Wolf Hunter - 6mm

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The Wolf Hunter is our 6mm hunting can. It's best used where maximum suppression is needed in a light weight package.
It's compact length (6-3/4") allows great performance on calibers 6mm and below.


Calibers:  Up to 6mm (bore 0.281")

Material:  Titanium

Length:    6-3/4"

Diameter: 1-5/8"

Mounting options:  Anything Bravo or 1-3/8x24 thread

Weight:   9.1oz

Direct thread included: 1/2"x28 and 5/8"x24

Finish:  Graphite Black

Price:  $800 MSRP

Min Barrel Lengths:

6mm and 556 - 10-1/2"

Firing Schedule:

This suppressor is made from Titanium to keep the weight down.  It is very strong but subject to strength loss at high heat.  We recommend to keep Suppressor below 800 degrees.

What you get:

Wolf hunter suppressor

1/2"x28 direct thread

5/8"x24 direct thread

-No BS lifetime warranty when following barrel length and firing schedules.