Enticer S-Ti

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DDC Enticer cans come with a removable end cap which is compatible with Dead Air end caps.

Enticer cans also come threaded with 1-3/8"x24.  What does 1-3/8x24 thread mean for you?  This thread allows you to run a wide variety of mounts such as: Direct thread adapters, Q Plan B/Cherry Bomb, Keymo and Rearden Atlas.

Pew Science results:

Enticer L and LTi series cans are currently the quietest can at ear on .308 that has been tested.  They have an overall composite suppression rating of 51.9. (S and STi are 42.5).


Caliber: 7.62 NATO/ 300BK / 300WM or any caliber smaller

Diameter: 1-5/8 (1.625”)

Weight: 9.3oz with included mount

Overall Length: 6-3/4"

Material: 100% CNC machined 6-4 titanium laser welded

Common min barrel lengths:

556 - 10.5"

308 - 14.5"

300BLK supers - 7"

300BLK subs - 5"

300WM - 20"

300RUM - 24"

(Please contact us for info on any other caliber you may be shooting that are not similar to the above list.)

Firing schedule:

Titanium Enticer cans are not Full Auto rated.  With that being said, titanium versions can handle 50 rounds 556 rapid fire / full auto before needing a cool down period.

What you get:

-A kick ass suppressor

-DDC sticker

-5/8"x24 titanium direct thread adapter

-No BS lifetime warranty when following barrel length and firing schedules.

Product Warning:
Before using this silencer be certain you understand how to operate your firearm properly. Failure to do so can result in serious injury or death. Please use extreme care when handling any firearm.